Welcome to the SVP Fiber Enterprise

Reliabilitygreen bulletCustomer Service

These are the only key words you need to know when looking for fiber optic networking in the City of Santa Clara.

The SVP Fiber Enterprise dark fiber network is owned and maintained by Silicon Valley Power, the electric utility of the City of Santa Clara, long recognized as one of the most reliable utilities in the nation.

  • 145 conduit mile, four-ring, 144/288/432 Fiber Capacity
  • Dedicated fiber optic professional engineering, construction, and splicing services
  • Flexible term leases, flexible pricing for fiber expansion builds
  • Splicing, Termination and Testing Results
  • Redundant fiber paths (rings and loops)
  • Ceiling-free triple-play bandwidth
  • Interactive, customer-driven design, engineering and construction
  • Rapid response work order fulfillment
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